A Comprehensive Analysis of the Properties of Electrodeposited Nickel Composite Coatings


  • Dr.A.A. Bhadre Brahma Valley College of Engineering and Research Institute
  • Dr.H.P. Ghongade Brahma Valley College of Engineering and Research Institute




Protective Coatings, Electrodeposition, Nickel composites, Composite Materials


For a long time, environmental protection of metallic components has become a pressing concern for the engineering and manufacturing industries. Coating technology has gained prominence to meet the needs of industrial demands. The coating is used to protect the metals and ensure the product's performance for a long time. Among other coating processes such as thermal spray, spark plasma sintering, and chemical vapour deposition, the electrodeposition process has proven to be the most cost effective and simple. The paper discusses the properties of various Nickel composite electrodeposited Protective coatings.


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