Production of Bioplastics from Various Plant Parts


  • Divya Anna Thomas Department of Chemistry, Sophia Girls’ College (Autonomous), Ajmer, India



Biodegradable, Bioplastic, Starch, Pollution, Plastic


The extensive existence of plastic in the environment has a serious effect on the living organism. In this study, the synthesis will be done in small quantity within the lab. Long lifetime, good barrier property, stiffness, tensile strength and tear strength make petro-chemical plastics more popular in society. Inspite of many advantages the plastic is proved to be more threatening for the mankind survival. The expected outcome of this project will be the biodegradable plastic which will be a great relief for society. Life be-gins from birth in which the play toy of newborn baby is plastic then as they grow up everything surrounding them is plastic, the plastic glass, plastic bottles, plastic buckets, plastic box etc. The research work on production of bio plastic using different plant parts will act as substitute for the plastic substances. For the betterment of living creatures and also for the betterment of the environment bioplastics formed from plant parts are better as compared to that of the plastics formed by traditional method. Due to the non-biodegradability of the plastics, they will be ominous for the whole system as the whole system depends on the plastic. Plastic pollution is responsible for the worsening of the habitat of organisms and the human lifestyle. With the help of this study, we will also analyze the properties such as water absorption capacity and bio- degradability. Mass production of bioplastic will be a great solution for plastic pollution.


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