The Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Ensete and Nettle Hybrid Natural Fiber Reinforced Composite for Automobile Applications


  • . Mando Doyo Choto Bule Hora University, Ethiopia
  • Jio Dadi Dukale Bule Hora University, Ethiopia image/svg+xml
  • Serawit Kumana, Institute of indigenous Studies, Dilla University, Ethiopia image/svg+xml



Ensete, Nettle, Natural fiber, Lightweight, Fiber orientation, Interior components


Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Natural Fiber Reinforced Composite for different Applications is necessary to analysis because recently natural fiber composites are overtaking the place of synthetic fiber composites for many applications. It is an alternative to replace the synthetic fiber for particularly automobile interior application. So improveing the mechanical properties of Ensete and Nettle hybrid fiber by analysis each tested parameters’ have attractive attention in this research. most conventional material used for interior and exterior of automobile like metal, plastics and synthetic fiber are not biodegradable and special metal is heavy, not cost effective and subjected to corrosion, rust, and require painting, maintenance at regular intervals. This research aims to determine how to Ensete and Nettle fibers applied for automobile application. To achieve this objective quantitative data was collected from 48 testing specimen. The fiber reinforced epoxy composite was prepared at constant fiber volume percent of 50% with fiber orientation angles of 0°, (0°and 90°), (90° and 0°) and +45°/-45° measured from horizontal axis. The method of modeling and analysis, that was carried out in this research has been done in ANSYS ACP (pre) 2022R2 Workbench software. for comparing the static structural simulation results with the available material data given by the material manufactured, in case of the used test samples, boundary conditions and material properties. The study found that the changing the volume ratio of the composite material adding the strength of tested parameters like tensile, compression, flexural and impact specimen. Therefore the study had a significant influence on interior automobile and other related application. It can be concluded that Ensete and Nettle hybrid natural fiber reinforced composite can be used in non-structural interior components of automobiles like door panels, dashboards, and inner body skins.


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Author Biographies

Jio Dadi Dukale, Bule Hora University, Ethiopia

, Master of Science in Automotive Engineering, Bule Hora University, Ethiopia


Serawit Kumana,, Institute of indigenous Studies, Dilla University, Ethiopia

Lecture at Institute of indigenous   studies of Dilla University, Ethiopia


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