Performance Evaluation of a 3.5 kW Diesel Engine Fueled with Blended Biodiesel of Mustard Oil


  • Dr. Shiv Lal Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajasthan Technical University Kota, India



Mustard oil, Trans esterification, Engine performance


In this investigation, methyl ester of Mustard oil was prepared by trans esterification using solid potassium hydro-oxide as catalyst and used in a 3.5kW single cylinder four stroke diesel engine. Tests were performed at different load conditions and the per-formance was analyzed for B5 to B30 blends of Mustard biodiesel and pure mineral diesel. It was concluded that the lower blends of biodiesel enhance the break thermal efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption. It is proved that the use of biodiesel (produced from Mustard oil) in compression ignition engine is a viable substitute to diesel.


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