Submit Special Issue Proposal

Special Issue

A Special Issue is a group of peer-reviewed papers that addresses a particular subject of study within the objectives and purview of the journal. Special Issues provide a fantastic chance for researchers to promote novel areas of research and encourage teamwork.

You as a Lead Guest Editor

You will be taking the position of Lead Guest Editor if you choose to submit a proposal for a Special Issue. There must be one Lead Guest Editor designated if there are many Guest Editors. Lead Guest Editors must to be renowned experts in the subject matter of the Special Issue. They are in charge of laying out the special issue's scope, selecting a group of appropriately competent Guest Editors, locating and getting in touch with possible authors, and managing the review procedure.

Submit a Proposal

Send the completed Proposal Form to the Journal Editorial Office. The Editorial Office and the Editor-in-Chief will examine each proposal and decide if your Special Issue is appropriate for our journal after considering all submissions. To make the proposal better, revisions may be requested.